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Where To Get Top Dj Drops In Sao Tome and Principe

Finding DJ drops or voiceovers in São Tomé and Príncipe may be a bit challenging given the relatively small size of the country and its music industry. However, you can explore various online options to find top DJ drops:

  1. Online Voiceover Services:
    • Websites like Fiverr,, and Voice123 have a global pool of voiceover artists. You can search for artists who offer DJ drops and listen to their samples.
  2. Social Media:
    • Utilize social media platforms to connect with voiceover artists or studios. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook may have professionals showcasing their work.
  3. International Online Platforms:
    • Look for international websites or platforms that cater to the global DJ community. Some services offer DJ drops with a variety of styles that you can customize.
  4. Local Recording Studios:
    • While São Tomé and Príncipe might have limited options, check with local recording studios to see if they can recommend or connect you with voiceover artists who specialize in DJ drops.
  5. Online DJ Communities:
    • Join online DJ forums or communities and inquire about where DJs in similar regions or situations have found their DJ drops. Others may share their experiences and recommendations.
  6. Networking:
    • Attend local or regional music events and network with other DJs or professionals in the music industry. You may come across recommendations or contacts for voiceover artists.
  7. Custom DJ Drop Services:
    • Explore services that specifically cater to DJs looking for custom drops. Some online platforms offer packages that allow you to customize your DJ drops according to your preferences.

Remember to communicate your requirements clearly and listen to samples or demos before making a decision. Even if local options are limited, the global nature of the internet allows you to connect with artists and services from around the world.

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